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New 3Data Expert 8.0 user interafce - full of new user friendly features
DeskArtes 3Data Expert® 8.0 has been developed strictly according to the user wishes. Bigger Model Tree window, simple workflow, automatic repair, simplified manipulation commands as well as fully new Tools Window with Fix Model, Paint & Texture and Print Preparation Tabs will make the use of the software most pleasant experience. Please see below:




Full screen viewing for maximum use of the screen area for model display. New viewing commands to freely rotate the model for best point of view!






Clear selection of wanted operation to the inputted model: Fix Model, Paint and Texture or Print Preparation modes. Automatic analysis to the model for possible errors followed by Auto Repair to fix most common errors in the model




Precise model status after the repair or analysis, model structure shown in fully re-sizeable Model Tree. Tools Window to go give access to mostly used Fix Model, Paint & Texture and Print Preparation commands.





Command Tip windows to help continuing after the operation is finished, Help Text to give context sensitive help for selecting the next command for repair in the Fix Model Tab. Full Help text to support Paint & Texture as well as Print Preparation operations.



Easy Splitting, single click Connect and Drain Hole commands. Improved Hollowing and Offset commands.