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PRECICAST METAL CASTING TECHNOLOGY Precision Casting Services with PRECICASTTM Metal Casting Technology - a proprietary sand and ceramic casting process specifically developed to produce highly complex metal parts for prototype and “bridge” production requirements.

Typical volume applications: 50 - 5,000 castings per year

Intricate Metal Castings:
• without the cost of die cast tooling
• without the long lead times
• without porosity
• without quantity limitations

Special Advantages:
• Thin walls
• Tall pins and fins
• Deep & narrow pockets
• As-cast features
• No porosity

Benefits of PRECICAST Technology:
• accelerate time-to-market for new products
• achieve die-cast quality for low and medium volumes
• reduce weight and minimize machining requirements
• postpone the manufacture of expensive tooling
• ensure high quality spare parts when production stops

Examples of castings:

Steps of the PRECICAST Process:
Thermal & mold filling simulation:

• design and testing of the gating and feeding systems

• compensation for liquid shrinkage and prediction of cold shut

Plastic tooling with high-speed CNC machining

• tooling tolerance of ± 0.002”

• complete tooling plate with gating and feeding systems is machined at the same time

PRECICAST molding process:

• a thin ceramic layer is backed up with highly compressed sand

• air-film technique is used for de-molding

• fully automated and computer controlled equipment

PRECICAST metal casting method

• automatic casting by “stopper system” avoids human error

• special degassing guarantees oxide free castings

• fluidized bed heat treatment and thermal de-coring ensures mechanical properties almost identical to die-cast parts, and perfect temperature control eliminates stresses in castings

Mechanical & Chemical Properties of PRECICAST Aluminum Alloys

Detailed Technical Description of the PRECICAST Process & Foundry

• Engineering
• Simulation & Analysis
• Tool Design & Manufacture
• Casting
• Heat Treatment
• Finishing
• Inspection and Measurement
• Metallurgical Analysis & X-ray imaging
• CNC Machining
• Assembly
• Surface Treatment & Painting

• STL, IGES, PDF, or DXF files

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