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Studio City, CA, 91604
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PROTOMIX SYSTEM - a Vacuum Casting & Polyurethane Injection machine for plastic part duplication.

Using silicone molding technology and high-precision polyurethane injection, complex plastic components with various mechanical properties can be produced within hours.

The Protomix System is utilized for the following two process steps:

  • Vacuum casting of silicone to create a mold
  • Injection of polyurethane under vacuum to produce castings

PROTOMIX Advantages and Applications

  • functional prototypes for fit, function, and assembly testing
  • marketing product samples
  • low volume (100-1000) production of complex plastic parts
  • electronic enclosures with snap features
  • transparent parts with optical clarity
  • components for high temperature evaluation
  • elastic prototypes
  • moisture resistant parts for fluid flow analysis

  • transparent vacuum chamber (38" x 24" x 17")
  • pneumatic actuators for opening and closing of vacuum chamber
  • rotary vein oil-based vacuum pump with vacuometer
  • 4-port pneumatic injection system
  • 2 pneumatic injection guns with pressure gauge and regulator

  • precise prototypes & production parts with high feature definition
  • consistent resin properties assure quality parts and mechanical properties
  • wide selection of resins
  • ability to color match parts
  • insert molding and over-molding
  • minimal resin consumption
  • clean and easy system operation
  • low capital investment
  • can be integrated with external meter-mix machine
    Machine Configuration
    Training Program

Additional Equipment, Materials, and Services
  • Laboratory Ovens
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Rotational Molding Equipment
  • Silicone for Mold Making
  • Training Programs
  • Spare Parts and Maintenance Items

Product Ordering Information
Formal quotations are available upon request.

Videotapes showing the operation of the equipment are available upon request.

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