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PROTOMIX Polyurethane Resins

A convenient system of pre-packaged, fast-setting, polyurethane materials for pneumatic injection.


  • two-part 400ml cartridges
  • pre-measured resin and hardener
  • de-aired and vacuum sealed in plastic pouches
  • multiple shots from one cartridge
  • wide range of available materials
  • pneumatic injection gun with pressure gauge and regulator
  • mixing upon injection with 32-element static mixer


  • weighing of materials is eliminated
  • de-gassing of resin mixture is eliminated
  • ability to process fast-setting resins with rapid de-molding times
  • rapid change of materials
  • consistent quality parts
  • precise mechanical properties
  • high level of throughput
  • lower labor costs
  • minimal resin consumption
  • reduced exposure to chemicals
  • very low capital investment
water clear
PP or PE
hard rubber
soft rubber
D 83-85
D 78-82
D 63-66
D 78-82
D 53-58
de-mold time
15-20 min
30-50 min
90-150 min
120-180 min
120-240 min
glass transition
215-255 °F
210-220 °F
200-210 °F
190-200 °F
white or black
water clear

Technical Data Sheets, Instructions for Use, Materials Safety Data Sheets

PC132HVS / G31VS - rigid resin in black or white color
This product simulates ABS and has excellent mechanical properties and excellent heat resistance

PC2000VS / G2000VS - rigid water clear resin
This product simulates ABS and has excellent mechanical properties, good heat resistance, and UV stability.

PC99VS / G31VS - semi-rigid black resin (very hard elastomer)
This product simulates PP or PE and has excellent mechanical properties, excellent abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance. This product can be used to simulate "living" hinges.
PC80VS / G180VS - semi-flexible black resin
This product simulates hard rubber (Shore A 80) and has excellent tear strength and heat resistance.
PC55VS / G155VS - flexible black resin
This product simulates soft rubber (Shore A 55) and has excellent tear strength and heat resistance.
Additional Materials, Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
  • Silicone for mold making
  • Pressure tanks
  • Rotational molding equipment
  • Pneumatic dispensing guns
  • Empty 400ml cartridges - 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratio
  • Static mixing tubes
  • Mold opening pliers
  • Tubing cutter
  • Stapler for closing molds & staples
  • Silicone tubing
  • Nylon tubing
  • Solid & translucent pigments
  • Resin accelerator

Product Ordering Information

PROTOMIX Materials: Each box contains 6 cartridges & 6 static mixing tubes

Other Products: Complete product / price list is available upon request

Purchase Methods: Purchase Order, COD, Major Credit Cards

Product Pricing: Product Price Lists are available upon request
Special Quotes are provided for non-standard products
Volume Buying Programs are available for high volume users

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