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Dimensions Expert - for everyday STL preparation


Dimension Expert Modules  (PDF document)

Download DeskArtes Dimensions Expert

Today, most CAD systems can output good STL data or STL data with minor errors. The most common problem Rapid Prototyping users are facing is the build area size versus the STL model dimensions. DeskArtes Dimensions Expert gives you the tools to automatically repair and to split the STL data into separate pieces and accurately combine them after the build. This is typically achieved with software five to ten times more expensive.
Dimensions Expert functions include:

  • STL input and output

  • VRML input
  • Automatic model verify and repair
  • Manual model repair and edit
  • Model splitting and connecting
  • Platform definition and positioning
  • 3D viewing, transformation and measuring for STL models

For more information You can also have a look at the presentation video (19 minutes, 21 MB).

DeskArtes Dimensions Expert is part of a DeskArtes Expert Series family. Expert Series products range from View Expert, a basic 3D CAD viewer, to full rapid prototyping data preparation software 3Data Expert and to full freeform surface CAD system Design Expert. Dimensions Expert includes a subset of 3Data Expert commands. For a full set of features available in each Expert Series programs please have a look at the Expert Series feature list.

Save time and money by using Dimensions Expert for STL manipulation.

Dimensions Expert includes all necessary and easy to use tools to get from any STL model to a buildable STL part, regardless of the possible problems or size of the final part. Model verification tools tell you if the model is correct or not. In case of errors, automatic and manual repair tools can be used to fix them. After fixing the splitting tools can be used to cut the model into a suitable sized pieces for your machine build area. Positioning tools can then be used to position the parts into wanted build areas before sending them to the Rapid Prototyping machine.

Visual inspection and measuring

  • Visual model inspection

  • Visual model inspection 
  • Clipping and viewing with grid lines

  • Take 3D measures to estimate the size
  • Point value, angle, distance, radius
  • Calculate areas and volumes

Verifying the model

  • Verify both triangle models

  • Analyze errors and number of components
  • Gaps, inverted normals, overlapping surfaces, intersecting shells etc.

Generate good STL

  • Fix Models Automatically or manuallly

  • Auto Repair for fully automatic fixing

  • Help Text to aid the repair work
  • Interactive Editing for triangle data
  • Flip triangle normals

Splitting the STL model

Expert Series

  • Split models for separate or lower build

  • Add pins to connect the ready parts acccurately

Expert Series

Positioning part for RP
  • Define platforms according to the size of your RP system

  • Move parts to correct platform area

  • Output STL files with correct topology for 3D Printing



- Complete price list is available upon request
- Single user, Multi user, and Floating licenses available
- Full software maintenance and upgrade program
- Software leasing options
- Education institution discounts


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