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3Data Expert® - professional data transfer for
3D Printing and simulation.  

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3Data Expert® Modules  (PDF document)

Hardware requirements

Download DeskArtes 3Data Expert®

3Data Expert
® is a professional tool for repair, conversion and manipulation of 3D CAD data for Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing and simulation. DeskArtes 3Data Expert is used by major desing, manufacturing, automotive, consumer etc. companies around the world. 3Data Expert repair technology is also utilized by largest 3D Printer manufacturers, like Z Corporation.

With 3Data Expert 3D surface models can be triangulated into accurate triangle representation. Triangulated models can be repaired with efficient and easy to use tools into correct solid data by following the instructions given by automatic contex sensitive help. Colors and Textures can be added on the 3D models with most advaced tools on the market. Correct triangle models can be manipulated for optimal print with splitting, connecting, hollowing and support generation tools, for example.

3Data Expert allows you to import IGES, VDA-FS, STL, VRML, ZPR, OBJ, ProE, Catia, Unigrahpis or STEP models. Other import formats are available on request.

3Data Expert® 7.1 brochure: low resolution (PDF, 550 KB), high resolution (PDF, 10.7 MB)

If you are most of the time receiving STL or VRML data with small errors, like gaps or non connected surface edges, we recommend you the Dimensions Expert for easy model repair and splitting. Dimensions Expert software contains a subset of the features of the 3Data Expert®. For a full set of features available in each Expert Series programs please have a look at the Expert Series feature list

3Data Expert® is supported on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.

3Data Expert Offers:

Visual inspection and measuring

  • Visual model inspection with textures and colors
  • Clipping and viewing with grid lines
  • Take 3D measures to estimate the size
  • Point value, angle, distance, radius
  • Calculate areas and volumes
  • 2D Dimensions and drawings

Verifying the model

  • Verify both surface and triangle models
  • Analyze errors and number of components
  • Gaps, inverted normals, overlapping surfaces, intersecting shells etc.

Generate good STL

  • Fix Models Automatically or manuallly
  • Auto Repair for fully automatic fixing
  • Help Text to aid the repair work
  • Interactive Editing for triangle data
  • Flip triangle normals
  • Connect separate componenents
  • Reshape triangles for simulation

Prepare for 3D Printing

Expert Series

  • Split models for separate or lower build
  • Add pins to connect the ready parts acccurately
  • Hollow models for faster build
  • Add Drain Holes to remove non processed material
  • Offset solid models form open surfaces

Expert Series

Positioning part for RP

  • Define platforms according to the size of your RP system
  • Move parts to correct platform area
  • Output STL or ZPR files with correct topology and colors for 3D Printing

3Data Expert Modules

Hardware requirements

Download DeskArtes 3Data Expert

3Data Expert On-line Manual

- Complete price list is available upon request
- Single user, Multi user, and Floating licenses available
- Full software maintenance and upgrade program
- Software leasing options
- Education institution discounts

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